Selected Articles & Other Writings

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“Politics in the Pumpkin Patch,” The Public Historian Vol 12, No. 1 (Winter 1990), pp. 9-24; (Awarded the G. Wesley Johnson prize for outstanding article in TPH for 1990).

Rosenberg Grand Jury Case:

Declaration of Bruce Craig 

Supplemental Declaration of Bruce Craig

National Security Archive press release

Alger Hiss Grand Jury Case:

Bruce Craig’s Petition for unsealing of Alger Hiss case Grand Jury records for Public Citizen Litigation Group

Public Citizen Litigation Group Reply Memorandum on Hiss Grand Jury Case

Associated Press story on release of Hiss Grand Jury Records

Harry Dexter White Grand Jury Case (Craig vs. USA):

Petitions for unsealing of Harry Dexter White Grand Jury Transcript

Order directing release of grand jury minutes

In Re: Petition of Bruce Craig (Precedent Setting Decision of Second Circuit Court)

For a scholarly treatment of the effort that gave rise to the case Craig vs. USA, see  also “Unsealing Federal Grand Jury Records: The Case of the Harry Dexter White Transcript.” Article in The Public Historian Vol. 20 No. 2 (Spring 1998), pp.45-62.