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In the Media

“The Apprenticeship of Alger Hiss” available through Now and Then Reader! (October 2013)

“The Apprenticeship of Alger Hiss” is an adaptation from R. BruceCraig’s forthcoming biography, The Lives of Alger Hiss, now available in a digital format from Now and Then Reader.

Now and Then Reader publishes original short form nonfiction for Kindle Singles, Apple Quick Reads, Kobo Books Short Reads and Barnes and Noble Nook Books. Now and Then Readerconcentrates on writings that are historically based but also have relevance for present day events with a focus on American History and European History.

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In 1948, Whittaker Chambers, a moon-faced Time magazine editor and former courier for the Soviet underground, accused Alger Hiss, a distinguished former State Department official and at the time the patrician head of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, of having been a secret Communist in the 1930s. Chambers soon expanded his allegation to include espionage. The resulting two perjury trials of Alger Hiss and the emergence of the “Hiss-Chambers controversy,” as it came to be called, rocked America, soon transfixing and eventually transforming a nation, and becoming a symbol of the U.S. struggle with domestic and worldwide communism. The following story of Hiss’s early years is adapted from the forthcoming book The Lives of Alger Hiss by R. Bruce Craig. It is the first full-scale biography of Hiss written since his death in 1996 to draw not only from once-secret KGB files but, more important, from previously untapped Hiss family papers. These papers and other fresh sources offer telling insights into the life of one of the most important yet enigmatic figures of the twentieth century.


“Historiography of Soviet Espionage in America,” a program aired by C-SPAN on 22 June 2011

A panel of historians and professors examined the effects that Soviet spies had on the American public’s mentality and on history itself. They also looked at the lives of some Soviet spies, most notably those involved in the Rosenberg case. The panelists responded to questions from members of the audience. Mr. Holland moderated.

“The Rosenberg Case and the Historiography of Soviet Espionage in America” was a panel of the conference “The Rosenberg Case, Soviet Espionage, and the Cold War,” sponsored by the Harvard Project on Cold War Studies and George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs.

“President Truman and Civil Liberties,” a program aired by C-SPAN on 14 May 2011

Panelists talked about the tension between national security and civil liberties during the Truman administration, focusing on the Alger Hiss case and the president’s relations with Japanese Americans.

R. Bruce Craig presented his paper “The Hiss Case.” Lynne Joiner, broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker, presented her paper,”Truman’s Loyalty Review Board and the Honorable Survivor.” Roger Daniels presented his paper, “Harry Truman and the Japanese Americans.” Raymond Geselbracht chaired.

“Victims” was a panel of the 2011 Symposium, “The Civil Liberties Legacy of Harry S. Truman.” It was held at the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel.

Treasonable Doubt: The Harry Dexter White Spy Case, a book discussion at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.  Program aired on C-SPAN on 15 July 2004

Mr. Craig delivers a presentation on his book, Treasonable Doubt: The Harry Dexter White Spy Case, published by University Press of Kansas. Mr. Craig examines the layers of accusations placed against Harry Dexter White, who at one time, served as a high-ranking Treasury official in the United States and was accused of espionage. The author notes that Mr. White’s alleged involvement in policy subversion and policy espionage during the Cold War, was neither proved nor disproved. These accusations, however, served as a constant source of controversy during Mr. White’s involvement with the U.S. Treasury Department, from 1935-1948. Following his illustrated remarks, Mr. Craig answers questions from members of the audience.