COMING SOON! Black Chamber Review

This is a blog designed for people interested in spies, espionage, and treason: past, present and future.  In the periodic postings I’ll seek to provide readers with a lively and insightful (perhaps even scholarly, at times) look at the shadowy world of spies, espionage, counter espionage, and clandestine operations.  From time-to-time, I’ll offer glowing to scathing reviews of recent spy movies and books.

Some posts may reflect ruminations about past and present security operations, including revelations and blunders by nations (especially the U.S. and Canada) based on everything from factual and hearsay information available in published rags to reliable insider knowledge passed on to me from a bevy of loose-lipped informers in various security-related agencies.  Finally, I’ll offer postings of historical interest relating to seminal espionage affairs, such as the Hiss-Chambers case and the atomic spy cases of yore, but be assured that this blog will not refrain from addressing security and intelligence issues of contemporary relevance.